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Thomas!  It is an absolute thrill for me to see and hear your successes!  I can only imagine what the future holds for you in both of your chosen fields!

Hi! Would it be possible to get sheet music to your version of ‘I want you back’ by the Jackson 5? Would really love to learn it! Thank you smile

YOU ARE MY IDOL. Established career, but just as invested and secure in music?! AND IN THE MUSIC THAT IS MY STYLE?!?
I want to be your friend. Have yet to see you live. Heard about you on Honens Pro Am and Michael Lipnicki Fine pianos, but next chance i can watch you friends with you...DONE. =D

Dear Dr Yu,
When do you have performance in or near Calgary? I would love to listen and see your performance in live concert.

With the best regards,

Dear Dr Yu,
As a member of The Canadian Music Competitions (Section Québec) I want to congratulate you.  In 2001, the day you performed Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini (A minor), I filled deeply sure that you already were an exceptionnal pianist.  You really impressed me.
So just before you leave the Hall André Gagnon, University Laval, I grab you for an instant to congratulate you and ask you to sign on the cover of my program which I carefully preserved. Today I listen to you via You tube and your wedsite.  Is it not wonderful?
I wish you the best in music and your periodontist professional carreer. 

With my best regards
Huguette Savard Gauvreau.

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