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I really enjoyed your cover “I want you back”. If it’s possible could you please email me the sheets. Thanks! My email is

I searched for Dr. Yu as he was my periodontist. What a surprise to me that he plays such beautiful piano! Not only is he an exceptional surgeon, but he is an incredible musical talent! Bravo to you, Dr. Yu, and thank you for being such a kind and wonderful doc.

Dr. Yu, I am very much inspired by your dedication to the piano; gives me the motivation to keep practicing and pursuing my musical dreams! Looking forward to hearing you play one day in person!


Thomas Shi, MD, LRCM

Hi Mr. Yu, ever since I heard your covers on Youtube, I have been wanting to know if there was a chance I could learn them. Hearing them more and more makes me want to learn them as much as I can. I was wondering if there was any chance you can send me the music sheets for your cover of “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5 please.

Hi Thomas!  My Dad, Burt Thiessen, sent me this link last night and Brian and I had a lot of fun reading your blog and watching you play.  Incredible!  We are so proud to say that we had you play at our wedding in Saskatoon and love to see where you’ve gone with your amazing music.  It was very inspirational to both of us to see how you have combined career with a passion for the arts and found your niche!  Please let us know when you are playing in Vancouver, where we live now.  All the best!  Christine

Dear Tom: (I got that from the “More about Tom” section of your web page!) The music you make is, like you, a thing of beauty.

I just wanna say that I truly enjoyed your soulful performances at the Cliburn. Truly inspiring!

Dear Dr, Yu,
Yesterday’s concert was wonderful. My friend and I, we thoroughly enjoyed it!
The first piece ypu played suited the sunny October day.
Hope to be able to listen to you again in Berlin.
With best regards,
Sabine Fischer

I’m looking forward to hearing & seeing you tomorrow, but I take exception to your comment in today’s Herald where you are quoted “but in Calgary, I’ve just been a periodontist.”

You are not just a periodontist.
If you hadn’t done such a superb job on my implants (beyond my expectations), I would not be coming to your concert.

BREAK A LEG, and good luck.
Monica Meding

Hi Thomas!
I saw your video of Jackson 5 - ‘’I want you back’’. I loved it, could you send me the sheets when you have time?
Very good cover! Keep up the good work:)

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