Thomas Yu

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Performing with a Canadian Tenor at the RCDC Gala.


I finally had the chance to perform with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. 

CBC China

An interview with CBC International China. 

SSO Review

A flattering article and review from my performance with the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra. 

CBC Videos

The CBC music videos are online! Thank you to producers Robert Rowat and Guylaine Picard. 

CBC Piano Hero Experience

One day you’re sitting on your couch, the next day you’re performing with Emmanuel Ax and the TSO.

CBC Piano Hero

Please vote for my entry into CBC Piano Hero!

SSO 2014

Mozart Concerto No 21 with one of my best friends, Maestro Adam Johnson

Honens ProAm

My recent involvement with the Calgary Honens ProAm Competition

Star Phoenix

An article and a video interview for an upcoming concert. 

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